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Terms and conditions


All food will be delivered within the time specified at the time of order. Usually within 45 minutes of placing the order or exact time of delivery requested. We will endeavour to have the food delivered within the time but sometimes it is not possible due to factors beyond our control (busy periods, weather related, Staff sickness, Staff absence, traffic related. All collection orders will be ready for collection within the time specified.


We do not provide refunds, unless the food items are damaged during transit and delivery. All refund requests will need to be made immediately by phoning the takeaway so that the damaged food can be replaced or a full refund provided. Where a refund is requested we will endeavour to have the full amount reimbursed in to your account within 7-10 days of the request made. If any orders placed via credit/debit card payment are rejected from the takeaway the funds will be refunded back into your account.


Customer information is collected for the purpose of processing your order. This information is kept confidential and is not shared. If you require us to remove any personal information you have to do so in writing. We will remove all your personal information within 72 hours of you making the request.

Allergy Advice

Please be aware some dishes contain nuts and dairy products. Please speak to us prior to placing any orders if you have any allergies.